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Neighborhood Centers is inviting undocumented youth from across the country to document their lives by participating in a nation-wide photo project.

Undocumented youth and their supporters are invited to take photos of their everyday life and share them on Instagram with the hashtag #thisundocumentedlife.

“This Undocumented Life” represents your stories and your moments that are so often in the shadows and are now brought into the light. Select photos will be exhibited as a collection at the gallery celebration that launches Neighborhood Centers’ book about immigration, American DREAMers: The Journey from Shadows to Light. Photos will be collected on the cell phone photo app Instagram with the hashtag, #thisundocumentedlife.

The photos should be black and white, and feature objects and shadows, noting the parallel to issues once in the shadows coming to light. Photos must to show the faces of the Undocumented, and they must be uploaded online by August 5 and a panel will select the most impactful photos for an art exhibit in August.

Follow Neighborhood Centers on Instagram (, and tag your photos with #ThisUndocumentedLife

Visit the event here:

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