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Temporary setback for President Obama’s Executive Action

On Monday evening, a federal judge in Texas ruled to delay the start of the new expanded DACA program. While this is a temporary setback, we strongly believe that this event is merely a bump in the road and that expanded DACA and DAPA will still become available in 2015. Neighborhood Centers Immigration & Citizenship team is available to answer your questions about this court case and to assist with the application process for DAPA and expanded DACA as soon as the applications become available. In the meantime, we would like to remind the community of the following information:

  1. As of today there are no new applications available – Be careful of notarios or other individuals who promise to complete applications for the new expanded DACA or DAPA initiatives. At this time, USCIS is not accepting applications for expanded DACA or DAPA.
  2. The current DACA program is still in place – Individuals who qualify for DACA under the guidelines announced on June 15, 2012 can still apply, and should apply. If you currently have DACA, your situation remains the same and is not affected.
  3. DACA Renewals will not be affected – If your current DACA card is set to expire in the coming months, make sure to file for your DACA renewal. Our next FREE DACA Workshop is on February 28th at Baker Ripley Neighborhood Center. Contact our Immigration & Citizenship Office at (713) 273-3707 for information on how to register.
  4. This is just a temporary delay in the start of expanded DACA – Legal experts believe that the lawsuit against expanded DACA and DAPA has no legal merit, and that the higher courts will reject the lawsuit and allow expanded DACA and DAPA to continue as planned.
  5. Continue to prepare for DAPA –The ruling does not eliminate or cancel these initiatives. If you think you may be eligible for DAPA, we suggest that you continue to gather documents to prepare for DAPA. Once the delay is over and the applications are released, Neighborhood Centers will be providing low-cost assistance with applications. In the meantime, we are offering assistance with the evidence collection process.

For more information, please visit our office at 6500 Rookin Street, Houston, TX 77074, or call 713-273-3707. You can also join our mailing list to receive more updates. To sign up please click here Executive Action Interest List.

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