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DREAMers Oscar, Kemi and Thailandia tell their stories to KUHF.


Oscar, Kemi and Thailandia have shared their stories with us in our new book American Dreamers: The Journey From Shadow To Light, but hear their accounts first hand on what citizenship means to them and two million others who were brought to the United States as children.

Oscar also tells his story. He talks about how he got to America and moments in his life where he realized his story was different from the rest of his peers. Oscar will ask share some advice with other DREAMers on and what he wish he’d known as an undocumented boy growing up in America.

Listen to the stories here.

Neighborhood Centers strives to support DREAMers like Oscar become more civically engaged and connected U.S. citizens. Resources and funding are what it takes to make this happen. There are over 75,000 DREAMers in Houston, and we’ve only been able to help a portion of them with the but with your support, we can increase our capacity to support more. You can help more people apply for citizenship, or deferred action by donating now.


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